Mongolia Culture and Development Research Centre

The Mongolia Culture and Development Research Centre (MCDRC) is a non-governmental research institute whose mandate is to study the link between culture and human development in Mongolia.

MCDRC’s research encompasses:

  1. Local knowledge (including TEK and technical knowledge) and its role in adaptability.

  2. The relationship between culture and wellbeing, with focus on forms of cultural expression (local and indigenous arts, symbolism, ritual practices, etc.).

  3. Development as transformative cultural change, with attention to topics such as gender and rights.

  4. How governance and development are experienced from the subjective standpoint of resource users.

  • Green Gold
    Workspace for the SDC/NUM-DSCA Green Gold Pasture Ecosystem Management Project Social Science Component. This project explores the socio-cultural dimensions of change and development in the Mongolian pastoral economy.

  • Adaptive Capacity in the Mongolian Pastoral Economy
    Eric Thrift’s doctoral research project concerning Mongolian pastoralists’ adaptation to social, economic, and ecological change and uncertainty. Field research was conducted in association with MCDRC.

  • MONDEA - Mongolian Digital Ethnography Archive
    Online catalogue for the Mongolian Digital Ethnography Archive. Contains descriptions for collections of videos, photographs, institutional documents, field reports, etc.

  • Egaia - Ethnographic toolkit
    Distributed archival records management and presentation system. Based on the MoinMoin platform, includes a gnutella servent for sharing and downloading archival records via a peer-to-peer network.

  • DYAD - Yaml-encoded Archival Description format specification
    Specification for the archival description format used in Egaia. This format is intended to be human-readable, conform to ISAD(G) and Dublin Core standards, and permit export to formats such as EAD.

  • Open Educational Resources—Anthropology and Pastoralism
    Educational resources developed and used by MCDRC members.

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